• How Can You Turn LinkedIn

    Conversations Into Clients?

    With A Non-Salesy Approach That Is More Psychology Than Technology

  • Here's The Roadmap To Get More Conversations

    And With The Right People

  • Do You Know Where Your Next Client Is Coming From?

    I didn't (at least not for sure). It's no fun to run a business when it feels like a big gamble.


    I don't know about you... but when my business was REALLY struggling, I kept thinking... if only I could just get in more conversations, and with the right people - I knew could make my business grow. I just had NO IDEA where those people were going to come from.


    Maybe (when I was feeling lucky) I would get referrals. We all love getting them - they are the mark of doing good work! But what happens when they don't come consistently?


    I tried Facebook Ads. I knew if I could get the numbers to justify running paid ads, I could scale up my business. But the numbers were SO out of whack... it would have been crazy to keep throwing money down that drain. Plus the leads I got were so unqualified, it was a waste of time. And it was demoralizing.

    I wanted growth I could bank on. I needed a reliable and predictable way to get new clients and grow my business.

  • For A Long Time I Neglected My LinkedIn Profile...

    Until I realized I could FIND and CONNECT with my ideal clients there, getting tons of information about who they are, what they want, and how to get on their radar.


    In just over 100 days I grew my network from 417 to over 3,500+ connections, getting dozens of calls with new client inquiries each month.

  • That is why we developed "Conversations at Scale."

    The Conversations At Scale program was built (for myself and for you) because LinkedIn is

    where you will find the professional business community hanging out, and waiting for you to connect.

  • Are You Ready To Stop Betting Your Business On Hit or Miss Referrals, and Cold Traffic From Facebook Ads?

    Conversations at Scale is NOT just another online course to stuff your brain with more information. It is about picking a solid, proven process. It is about execution. And it is about getting results.


    It is about me PERSONALLY helping you automate your marketing and lead generation. And then taking the process even deeper to nurture those relationships in a way that turns strangers into buyers. We create more conversations, and with the right people.

    You will never again have to worry about where your next client is going to come from. You will see them coming into your network.

  • How Do You Get More Conversations,

    And With The Right People?

    This is what the Conversations at Scale is all about.


    Turn Your LinkedIn Into A Profile Funnel

    LinkedIn is a target rich environment if you are looking for professionals as your next client. We find them - and then connect in way that puts YOU on their radar.


    Build Trust With Non-Salesy Messaging

    Trying to sell ON LinkedIn... is like inviting your date back to the hotel on the first date. You might get lucky, or you may get slapped. There's a better way to build trust and real, lasting relationships with your ideal clients.


    Bridge The Conversation Off LinkedIn With Strategies That Fill Your Calendar

    Future-proof your business by connecting with your perfect prospects via email (an asset YOU own), and then inviting them to continue the conversation in a way that builds a bond, turning strangers into buyers, and those conversations into clients.

  • Conversations at Scale.

    All You Have To Do Is Monitor The Conversations On Your Phone - Then Step In To Slam Dunk The Sale!

  • This Is Why People Hesitate To Use LinkedIn

    They Are Unsure About How To Answer These Questions. We Provide The Answers.

    Where Do You Find Your Ideal Prospects?

    And How Do You Get Them To Engage?

    How Do You Move The Conversation Off LinkedIn To A Call Or Email?

    How Do You Qualify Those Calls So You Spend Your Time With The Best Prospects?

    How Do You Connect With Confidence & Get Prospects Reaching Out To You?

    How Do You Create A 'Pitch Perfect' LinkedIn Profile Funnel?

    How Do You Avoid Getting Your Account Restricted (and yes, it happens to many new users when they start outreach)?

    Do You Need A Premium or Sales Navigator Account? How Do You Make Sure You Get ROI On Those Expenses?

    Most Importantly - How Do You Make It Feel Like A Game... So Business Starts To Become Fun Again?

  • Listen To What Our Clients Are Saying

    Don't Take My Word For It - This Is What Others Said When Interviewed About Conversations at Scale

    We Recently Interviewed Our Clients...

    About The Conversations at Scale Program

    “It's one thing to ask for a testimonial. It is another thing to ask for feedback on the program, to understand how it is working for people. This is what people had to say...”

    Jake Ulkus

    Entrepreneur - JakeUlkus.com

    “My sales numbers will be about $125,000 in total sales in two months. I'm transferring 90 percent of my efforts over to LinkedIn now."

    Glenn Meder


    “I am already getting 25 to 50 new connections and up to five real conversations with people a day... have three people that I've talked to in the past week that could turn into clients.”

    Linda Lopeke

    Founder at SMARTSTART

    “...committed to building solid relationships... personal accountability and the personal touch in terms of all of his business interactions.”

    Janet Clark

    Founder and CEO of The Freedom Shift

    “I am all for done for you. I'm trying to run a company. I very much appreciate that there's a team doing that.”

    Marjorie Wildcraft

    CEO & Founder - The Grow Network

    “This has been a high ROI for me.... solid, practical, get it done, and simple to implement.”

    You + Your VA

    I Will Help You Set This Up For Your Business

    When you buy into Conversations at Scale, you not only get the training for YOU + YOUR VA and we will support you for a full year!

  • Build A Pipeline of New, Ideal Client Inquiries

    • With a framework for creating more conversations and with the right people;
    • Add 3-5 booked calls to your calendar each week;
    • And creating a nurturing system that positions you as THE authority in your industry.

  • How The Conversations at Scale Program Works


    Find & Connect

    We find the "target rich environment" for your ideal prospects - and then engage them without being salesy.


    Nurture & Bond

    We leverage a unique method of building rapport with your prospects for you - getting them to come to you and qualify themselves.


    More Calls = Clients

    What could you do with 3 to 5 NEW prospects booked to your calendar each week?

    Are you ready with a proven sales process?

  • Here's The Framework Of What You Can Expect

    Not Just An Online Course - We Do It With You or We Do It For You

    A Roadmap To Finding Your Ideal Clients

    Can you point to existing clients or prospects and say, "I want more prospects like these people?" With that info we can build a roadmap.

    Conversation Starters & 'Magic' Messaging

    People don't realize that on first contact, prospects on LinkedIn are wary and defensive. The LAST thing you want to is try to sell.

    The Tools, Tactics, & Training You Need

    Some automation tools make prospecting more efficient. Others may get your profile restricted. We cover which ones we use and why.

    Weekly Access To Me & My Team

    More important than information, is the opportunity to get feedback and calibrate the process so it gets better with each new cycle.

    Your Lead Generation On Autopilot

    I will PERSONALLY be helping you customize the process so you are getting new, premium client inquiries each week.

    Step by Step System & Trackable Results

    We've developed a method to go from "cold" to "sold." But you can't just jump into a "buy my stuff" kind of message. We'll fix that.

    More Conversations With Qualified Leads

    Let others be salesy. We build real relationships thru conversation. And the more conversations you have, with the right people = clients.

    More Calls Booked On Your Calendar

    What will you do with an additional 5-15 calls booked on your calendar each month? Let's create that conveyor for your business.

    More Revenue (Reliable & Predictable)

    Business changes (becomes fun again) when you can look out over the next 90 days and see the pipeline of ideal prospect inquiries.

    Without Paid Traffic & Advertising

    Our program builds on organic outreach to get you in front of your ideal audience, with more conversations and with the right people.

  • Better Messaging...

    Gets A Better Response

    We like to focus on the psychology over the technology

  • Are You The Right Fit?

    We're looking for coaches, consultants, and small agencies who are ready to:

    • Grow their network by creating more conversations, and with the right people;
    • Booking 3-5 top prospects to your calendar each week;
    • Nurture those relationships FOR YOU with a unique process we've developed to turn strangers into buyers

    And position YOU as an untouchable authority in your industry...


    Would you like to know if this is a good fit for you?


    Not everyone will qualify. We offer a completely done-for-you service. That means we'll manage and optimize every single phase of your high ticket lead generation - from start to finish.

  • What Will Happen If You Don't Find A Way To Get A Consistent Flow Of The Prospects You Need?

  • You Know You Have The Potential. But Do You Have The Plan?

    The biggest cost in business, is the time and money lost trying to figure things out.


    If you don't have a plan to create more conversations with the right people, how much more money are you willing to lose on paid traffic? Random acts of marketing are not going to save you.


    You know that desperate feeling. I felt the same way. It kept me awake at night, wondering how I was going to tell my family no. No vacation this year. No extras. Less freedom. Isn't that why we got into business in the first place? More freedom, not less?


    That pain only gets worse... until you have a plan. Conversations at Scale is that plan.


    I found that by starting more conversations, I started meeting amazing people. Some of them became strategic partners, and others new clients. My world opened up. And I am constantly growing with each new, "get to know you" chat I share with my network.


    Now I know I have a solid, sustainable process to connect with hundreds of my ideal prospects each month - and a plan to nurture those conversations into clients.

    I wanted growth I could bank on. I needed a reliable and predictable way to get new clients and grow my business. Now you can have that too.

  • We Will Train You & Your VA

    Seats Currently Available For Qualifying Businesses

    Click the button to schedule a 10-Minute Call and get your questions answered

    If you are serious about getting these results, we'll do a roadmapping session at no cost

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